The ChessBard

draft-chessbardAaron worked in collaboration with Jody Miller to create the ChessBard which can be found at In short, the ChessBard inputs the algebraic notation for a chess game in .PGN format (digital file format for archived chess games) and the ChessBard outputs a poem. The poems are based on 12 source poems Aaron wrote, 6 poems for the white pieces, 6 poems for the black pieces: there is a 64 word poem for each colour’s pawns, knights, rooks, bishop, queen and king. When a piece lands on a square it triggers a word from the source poems and the translator compiles them together and outputs a poem. At the site, yoau can upload an old game and have it translated at the translator page as well as play a game against the ChessBard and have that game translated into poems as you play.

The site includes famous games and players as well as a communal Responses space. A detailed description of the proejct can be found at the About page and a lengthy poetic statement can be found at at the Poetics page. Keep checking back at the site for more content and larger projects.