Reviews and Interviews

These are old and new reviews. Most originally appeared on a website I designed and ran called


Booty – Jill Hartman and Brea Burton Interview

Unisex Love Poems – Angela Szczepaniak Interview

12 or 20 Questions – Aaron Tucker and rob mclennan

Old Reviews (

The Argossey – Ben Ladoucer

The Others Raisd in Me: A plunderverse project –  Gregory Betts

The Bewilderments of Bernard Willis – Aaron Peck

Anatomy of Keys – Stephen Price

Wide Slumber of the Lepidopterists – a. rawlings

Aethel – Donato Mancini

Liar – Lynn Crosbie

Variations on Hölderin – Geoffrey Hlibchuk

Crabwise to the Hounds – Jeramy Dodds

the small blue – Jay MillAr

The Laundromat Essay – Kyle Buckley