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Profile up at Open Book Ontario; Review copies of punchlines available

A really kind profile by Rob McLennan over at Open Book. Super neat to see a bunch of my thoughts collected in a more coherent way than I’ve ever put them together. Read away at: http://openbookontario.com/news/profile_aaron_tucker_few_questions


If you are perhaps interested in

reviewing punchlines, please contact me

at atucker(at)ryerson(dot)ca.

I would love to hear from you!

Punchlines Mini-Tour! Plus PCA/ACA and SCMS Presentations

punchlines_cover_tuckerThe Toronto launch for Punchlines is March 23rd, 7:30 on the Monarch Tavern! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

As well, there are some dates and places for an upcoming tour of punchlines in April:

LONDON, ON Wednesday, April 8 7:30 pm
With Special Guest Frank Davey
London Public Library
167 Wortley Rd.
London N6C 3P6

MONTREAL, QC Sunday, April 12 6 pm
Le Port de tête

262, avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montréal (Québec) H2T 1P5

OTTAWA, ON, Monday, April 13 8 pm
Raw Sugar Cafe
692 Somerset St. W
Ottawa, ON K1R 6P4

As well, I’ll be in Montreal on March 25th a the annual SCMS Conference to talk about my new unnamed project, beginning with “The Hard Technological Bodies of Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow”. The following week I’ll be in New Orleans at PCA/ACA to give my paper titled “Ender’s War Games: The Simulation of War as Weapon and Tactic.”

Punchlines Launch!

On Monday March 23rd 2015, I’ll be launching my first book of poetry, punchlines, as part of a great Spring launch for Mansfield Press. It will take place at the Monarch Tavern in Toronto, beginning at 7:30.

Sign up for the Facebook event here and keep coming back to this site for a book cover!

Dusie Tuesday Poem, punchlines & more ChessBard

Catching up on 2014 news, there are a number of links worth pointing towards:

E. Martin Nolan did two interviews with Jody Miller and I about the ChessBard that are well worth the read:

1.0: http://town-crier.ca/ephemera/chessbard/

2.0: http://town-crier.ca/interview/chessbard-interview/

As well, my poem “what letter of the alphabet has lots of water?” was chosen as the DUSIE: Tuesday poem. Too, “why is history like a fruitcake?” was part of Lemon Hound‘s Emerging Toronto Poets folio.

To transition into 2015 news, punchlines inches ever closer to a Spring 2015 release. Very exciting! You can also look for me at the SCMS Conference in Montreal presenting a paper entitled “The Hard Technological Bodies of Elysium and Edge of Tomorrow”; one week later I’ll be at PCA/ACA in New Orleans giving a talk titled “Ender’s War Games: The Simulation of War as Weapon and Tactic”. Hope to see you there!

punchlines to be published by Mansfield Press in Spring 2015 + The ChessBard lives!

6-basic-pieceVery excited to announce that punchlines, the poetic project I’ve been working on for a few years now, will be published with Mansfield Press in Spring of 2015! Keep coming back here for further details!

While you’re waiting, why not play some chess with the ChessBard over at chesspoetry.com. Myself and Jody Miller have collaborated to create an app that translates chess into poems. Visit the site, read some already translated poems and/or have a game against our playable version!

Interfacing the Internet in Popular Cinema is now Available

Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema coverI’m very happy to announce that Interfacing the Internet in Popular Cinema is now available to order and read. You can visit Palgrave’s site
and order from there. Order at least 6 for your local library!

As well, big things are brewing on a new collaborative project at chesspoetry.com. Right now the site (and tech) is in beta but keep checking that site for more details. 

Interfacing with the Internet Available for Pre-Order

Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema cover
The publishing date for Interfacing with the Internet has been set for July 2nd but you can pre-order now from Amazon or from Palgrave itself. Very exciting!

In the meantime, I’ll be presenting an expanded version of a chapter from the text at the PCA/ACA conference in Chicago next week. The actual presentation will be Friday at 9:45; there is more information here.

As well, very excited to be working towards a new project, the Chessbard, that translates chess games into poetry. The site itself is under heavy construction but Jody Miller and I do have a playable version and two versions of the translators that we are hoping to unleash on the public in the next few months. However, I will be giving a brief talk on it at the Ryerson Digital Humanities Symposium on April 25th. Please RSVP and come with lots of questions!


It’s Coming!

Interfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema coverInterfacing with the Internet in Popular Cinema is slowly inching forward, scheduled for publication in July 2014. For now, here is the cover!

Will be giving a presentation at the PCA/ACA conference in April this year based on one of the chapters. Click here for more details!

As well, some new poems uploaded under punchlines; still working towards a full MS.

An Upcoming Reading, Work in Anthology + Poetic Statement

A bunch o’ stuff:

Very cool that I my chapbook apartments III is included in Ground Rules: the best of the second decade of above/ground press 2003-2013. The book will be coming out just in time for you to buy 6 copies for everyone at Xmas.

I was asked to write a poetic statement for the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter’s “On Writing” Series. You can find that over at yonder link: On Writing: Repetition.

Lastly, I’ll be reading at the Puritan’s  Black Friday Launch on November 29th at the Monarch Tavern. It promises to be ridiculously fun! The Facebook event is here.

A Poetry Podcast, Poetry Audio and an upcoming PCA/ACA Conference Paper

Quick hits!

Check out Katherine Parrish and my Excellent Poetry Adventure Podcast. We’re hoping this is monthly(-ish) so keep checking abck there for more.

I have audio up on Soundcloud of a reading I did at B after C. Thanks to Mark Goldstein for the recording. Check that out!

I also will be giving a paper at the 2014 PCA/ACA in Chicago. It titled “Hack Against the Apocalypse: The Civilian Soldiers of the Internet” and is an expansion of a chapter from Interfacing and you can read more about it HERE.